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Graphic Tees & Bellbottoms

Hi there! Today's outfit for the blog is the most fun thing I've worn for a long time. Yesterday my friend gave me super cute Beatles shirt, so of course I had to wear it today.

Over the weekend my friend was thrift shopping and found this shirt. Also, she thought of me, which is exciting. I love wearing graphic tee shirts, but because I'm me I like to dress them up and do something unexpected. Today, I took a shirt with vintage vibes and paired them with some funky pants (with vintage vibes.)

During Christmas break I took a day trip to downtown Frederick, Maryland, which is filled with adorable little shops. After a sushi lunch, my mom and I spent the day exploring the town. Before coming to Frederick, I had said to my mom, "I am going to come home today with bell bottoms." I don't know where I got that idea, but my heart was set on it. We came across a super funky place by the name of Zepop, and I was sure what I wanted was in there. I was right. I tried on so many pairs of bell bottoms that day. What I left with weren't exactly bell bottoms, but they met my needs and I was satisfied. These are the comfiest pants I've ever worn, yet they look dressy. That's a score. When I put them on, I tied the bottom of my shirt to show off the detailing at the top of my pants, and to fit better around my short waist. The cute yellow sandals I wore were a birthday gift from my mom that she found at Old Navy.

I was so happy in this outfit. I hope to get a few more of these pants, because they are so fun (even though a friend tripped over them today). Have a great week, everyone, thank you for reading!

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