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Eyeshadow Tutorials by Alyssa

How many of you struggle with eyeshadow?! Even when I was a starting out as a makeup artist, this was something that I loved to do but sometimes it would be overwhelming and hard to get it "just right"! Let's get to it!

The success of your eyeshadow starts with CLEAN eyes and eyeshadow primer! Be sure your makeup from yesterday is GONE and you're good to go! Apply the Too Faced Shadow Insurance with your fingers, making sure that you stretch your eyelid and really get it into every crease! You don't have to be rough, just thorough! 

Using a brush(s) is always a good idea when doing your eyeshadow. The brush will help you blend and put the makeup right where you want it! I love to use more of a flat brush for the highlight and "base" shadow. Your compact brush will come in handy when you want to be more specific about where you are putting the shadow.

Get in there and be sure you don't have any "skip marks" by your lashes! This is the area that is easy to forget to stretch out and make sure that everything is even. After you apply your highlight shade & your matte base, use your medium shimmer shade and start in the middle, working outwards. If you still need to blend everything a bit more, be sure that you do not have too much product on your brush by wiping your brush on the back of your hand. Go back to where each of the colors meet and blend lightly by swiping the brush back and forth until it looks like each color fades into the next.

Once you have this down, we can do so much! Todays look is very basic but it is the foundation to everything and can be built upon. I am excited to share more with you soon! Maybe from my shower?

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