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Dressed to Love: Pretty in Black

Black on black was my unquestionable go to when I was eighteen or nineteen for good reason. It was easy, it made me feel tall and slim, and I always felt hardcore and mysterious in it (plus you can get it dirty and no one will know. Fist pump.) I stopped buying black when I ventured into my colorful jeans phase and haven't worn it much since but I still appreciate it when the time is right.

A lot of why I stopped wearing it back then was because the blacks I owned started to fade in the wash and I wouldn’t have been caught dead in blacks that didn’t match. I’ve since stopped caring. The olive undertone of the jeans and violet undertone of the shirt in the sunlight cuts up the outfit and makes it more interesting in my mind now.

Black sunglasses, boots, oversized faux-leather jacket, and scarf are all basic wardrobe staples in my opinion. All black may seem a bit bold for some but trust me, being a li’l edgy boosts confidence like none other (and you’ll also seem like a superspy as you eat your Chipotle so it’s a win-win).


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