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Dressed to Love: open-backed tank and ripped skinnies

As weather continues to get warmer, we’ll all no doubt begin to live in tank tops and shorts. This makes it a little difficult to keep outfits fresh and interesting. But my best friend got me this drapey, open-backed tank for Christmas and I thought it was a great example to use as part of a cute, effortless spring look that still makes people ask where you got it.

She found it at a bitty little boutique in the Chapel Hills Mall called Denim & Rose.

The quote on the front (which I adore) is apparently from a country song. I don’t listen to country so I had no idea but I’m all for it nonetheless. High-rise skinny jeans with rips at the knees, bold orange earrings, and black low-top Converse (which – though the photo doesn’t show – are incredibly sparkly) were my choices to tie everything together. One of the things I love most about the top is how it doesn’t cling to your skin like most tank tops do. Sure, having bare arms for warm weather is helpful but, in my mind, it kind of gets cancelled out by having fabric stick to you.

Hooray for springtime and the returns of some of my favorite trends. I can’t wait to embark on this new season of fashion with you all.


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