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Dressed to Love: Color Pop

Spring is here and the weather is showing it, which means cute skirts and pretty colors and the unleashing of my inner girly-ness. Chambray is always and forever a faithful companion to a floral midi-skirt – which can be a fun substitute to a maxi on days you feel like twirling a lot (see last photo). But I ultimately decided to make footwear the star of this outfit by opting for a bright fuchsia pump to add a colorpop to the ensemble.

A colorpop can serve one of two purposes: it can draw attention to a certain part of your outfit, or it can draw attention away from something else in the outfit that you don’t feel as comfortable in. Doing a bright colored shoe is an easy and fun way to add life to a look or, honestly, just start a conversation. I can’t tell you how many cute girls I’ve met because I saw someone wearing something I liked and I decided to say something about it.

Both uses for a colorpop are wonderful and necessary on both good and bad days doing life as a lady. I talk a lot about body positivity on Dressed to Love, but I don’t ever want anyone to feel bad if they don’t fully love themselves yet. That’s so okay, and even I still have my days where I’d just rather wear a sack to camouflage everything that I don’t like about myself. But I’ve learned that I don’t need to hide, and that I can rather… emphasize the things I like about myself more. There’s nothing wrong with that. I happen to think it’s exceptionally brave to even step into the world at all these days.

So rock your colorpop! And tag @dressedtolove in any Insta photos if you decide to post them. I’m always excited to cheer you beauties on.


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