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A Secret Power Revealed

Vulnerability. This is a word that scares almost every person.

“If I share who I truly am, what will others things of me?”

“Will they still love me?”

“Will they judge me?”

These can be some of the questions that run through our mind. But not once (at least in Christian circles) have I seen someone open up to the struggles in their life and see a person’s response be judgement and harshness. The response that I have seen is one of love and respect. And not only that, but I’ve also see more vulnerability in others follow. Of course, this is not always the outcome, but I do believe that there is POWER in vulnerability.

My husband and I are in a small group lead by a couple from our church. Every Friday we meet and talk about our weeks and discuss the sermon from that Sunday. In this group I have seen vulnerability shine its brightest. By being honest and open with our struggles, it has caused us all to realize that we are the same. So whether it be porn, drugs, gluttony, dishonesty, pride, selfishness, hatred, etc. - we are all the same and we can all help each other.

Sharing your struggle may help someone else who is nervous inside to reveal what their dealing with, to think, “Wow, if that person can share to that extent of deepness and not be judged, and only receive love and prayers... surely I can share what’s going on with me.” Even if they don’t share right away, you have planted a seat. Vulnerability is POWERFUL. It can change people and their perspectives.

How can you share the power of vulnerability today? Or perhaps… even change a life…

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