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Wonder Woman

I had a conversation with a teammate about our goal to lift women up through sport and relationships. I’ve been a part of enough groups to know that sometimes groups of women aren’t the best at fostering genuine, safe relationships. Then there are those women who make you feel like home is by their side - that you can be your absolute truest self around them. These are the women that have made me feel free.

I first felt it in grad school, the meeting of hearts and minds, when I was able to slowly unfold myself and discover who I was underneath the layers of pretense that had built up over the years. Growing older can afford us some space to breath and learn that not all relationships are painful - grad school was one of those times for me; I was surrounded by intelligent, loving, and confident women who were more interested in seeing me than being seen.

When I went back home, I craved that connection with women that I had found so helpful and freeing. I wanted to live my best life with others who were doing the same.

Quickly, I realized that these relationships don’t always fall into your lap, but require you to change and remain open despite occasionally getting hurt.

If nothing else, I’ve learned that like attracts like, and when you focus on living your life with passion and grace, you often are led to people who have similar goals. Recently, I’ve found myself in the company of such women once more. I keep coming back to that feeling of, “I want all women to know what safety and freedom feels like.” So this time, I’ve questioned how it’s come to be that we are connected in a way that so many might never have.

So what can we do to create more connections like this? For me it takes risking looking stupid to share a connection with someone that might not be open to that level of emotion. It takes boundaries, knowing when and where to be vulnerable and when to keep to myself. It takes acknowledging shortcomings and owning them, so that they don’t own me. It takes effort, to reach out to others; in our world of instant connection, it takes time and energy to cultivate deep roots.

It takes sacrifice.

Women have been told that we are mean to one another (at least I was), and for a while I believed what I was told. So now we have to sacrifice what we’ve known, for something different. We have to sacrifice the known boundaries of society, because those aren’t working for us any more. The old ways don’t serve the women who know their power and join with other women to affect change.

I’m willing to make those sacrifices for the women I love. My life is so much grander with them by my side, and I’m willing to fight for a different kind of friendship and reclaim our connection with one another. Will you join me?

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