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Dressed to Love: Green Parka & Skinnies

We have officially reached that point of year when weather is kind of a free for all. Seventy degrees one day and then a blizzard the next calls for some transition pieces – articles of clothing that fit both a winter and a spring type of look that we can wear in the freezing mornings and warm afternoons and not look ridiculous doing it.

My green parka from H&M has been saving my butt these past few weeks.

It looks like the kind of thing you’d wear on adventures. It’s a little fluffy on the inside and the hood can be removed if need be. It has fared me so well in wind or rain or snow and I genuinely do not know how I survived this part of year before it.

This is the time of year to go out and buy one. They’ll be a bit harder to find the longer you wait but stores throw tons of discounts on them when we start getting warm days because they need to get rid of them so I highly encourage you to go scoop one up and save it for the fall. The style of the jacket makes me feel super cool, like the granddaughter of Indiana Jones and that’s something I think everyone deserves to experience.


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