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Sage of Time: Episode 2

Yes, this is a series. There will be more of them, but they will be out of order, kind of like Miraculous Ladybug. But, I would like to tell you that these stories are meant to make you think. Its whatever you take out of it that is how it should be for you. And I would love to talk about it with you if you want. Have a great Day!

Dear Future,

I won’t spare you with the details, but something happened to the person who was telling you story in third person. So just write a letter to yourself.

Anyway, it was time to have a cleaner kill without it being to apparent you committed suicide. Recently, you came back from a time keeping and was met with a disastrous scene of twisted metal. The doctors said it was a miracle you/I were okay. It wasn’t a miracle, you & I know that, but it was curious on how you didn’t come back before I crashed. Last time you used a car to go back, you came back fine. So, this time you sat in a bathtub and tried to drown yourself.

Now, I bet you have realized something is wrong by now. Your parents do think you tried to end things because I wrote down on another piece of paper how you went this time. And well, they will find it I am assuming that they figured it out. Now is the point I realize I should tell you what you went back for.

Remember in freshman year when you filled that college plan in the beginning of freshman year. Remember what you put? You said you wanted to go into a field of psychology. Well, you went back to look at your progress and realized you were conforming to what people are telling you “I don’t see you as a therapist” and such. So, I, well we, went back to a year to change it to business major and then suddenly there was this big screeching sound. So, stop worrying about the past so much and your future. I know everyone gets caught up in life, but what you have now is precious and I am not sure if you can go back anymore. I feel sick. I hope you are alright.

Please Remember This,

Sage from 2015

Dear Past,

I got your letter. I am not sure what happened either, but I remember what happened. Therefore, my reality seems a little morphed. I think the outside person was protecting me from the pain it is to time keep because I woke up in the tub and it hurt worse than the time before that. You know, when I crashed the car again. I don’t think we'll ever know the whole way this works. I mean, I don’t even know what to call you because you are me but in the past you seemed like another part of me. I don’t want to grow up, what if I lose you?

You are right though, I focus on the past too much, but how can I not? My whole future depends on your letters. After I read this one, I really wanted to change it back to Psychology, but when I went to look, it was still Psychology. I guess that what I/we did was against the rule book. So, maybe stop writing letters to me, since I remember. Let’s just stop worrying and trying to grow more as a person through this. I think this has caused more pain than pleasure. But, you never know what the future holds, right? Maybe that storyteller will help us time keep again because it seems like my whole life. I have always loved going back to have nostalgia or to see what smell made me remind me of my childhood. I think since I am a teenager, my desires have started to swallow me whole. It’s like time keeping has become a chore that determines my life. I wonder if I continued, I would run out of chances. Can we keep this going a little longer? Oh, and make sure you keep writing letters. I am full of contradictions right now, and I am sure the next time I time keep, I won’t remember (that is if you don’t mess with time).

Thank you,

Sage from the present

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