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When I was first introduced to Lularoe, I thought that it was kind-of stupid. And then I actually tried on an outfit, and I was...sold. It takes one second in the leggings to realize they're the most comfortable pair of pants you've ever worn. (And yes, leggings are pants!)

Because of this first pair of black leggings I purchased, I have since bought a TON more Lularoe, because, well, I can't stop. It's a problem that I have.

Callie Richards, one of my all-time favorite Lularoe consultants in the world, decided to start a subscription box that gets sent once a month. With this comes at least $100 worth of clothes. This could be anything - an outfit, a couple shirts, leggings. You can request what you want put in your boxes, but ultimately it's up to her what to send.

In order to promote Callie's Subscription Boxes, she sent me one in February so that I could share this awesomeness with all of YOU.

Now, I am not one to normally "model" clothing for other people to see. In fact, a lot of my life I've spent worrying about what I look like in pictures, and so therefore, not posting them.

Honestly, Lularoe has changed the way that I look at myself. Yes, I'm a plus-size girl. Yes, there are days that I hate what I see in the mirror. But when I put on the outfits that I buy (and that Callie sent), I feel like a totally different person. These clothes just make you feel GOOD.

In my box, I received: 
1 Irma 
1 Cassie skirt 
1 joy vest

Here I am modeling the joy vest with a black Carly and a pair of leggings. These Joys are super comfy and look great with dresses, shirts and leggings, and with JEANS. (Not that I wear them all that much anymore!) 

This outfit that I put together made me feel beautiful! The joy was soft and comfortable but gave me an added dimension to just a plain black dress. 

This Cassie/Irma outfit was one that I saw on an online Popup that Callie was having in her Facebook group. I fell in LOVE, and I'm so glad that Callie sent it with my box. The Irma is beautiful and I even tied it in the back to make it a little more form-fitting. 

The Cassie skirt is so comfortable that I wore it on a two-and-a-half hour ride yesterday to my sister's orchestra performance and I was comfy the whole time. (I would never wear any other pencil skirt for that long and be comfy!) 

The logistics:
Callie's Subscription box costs $100 a month plus tax (if you live in PA like me, or any state without clothing tax, this is waived)
Each box has at LEAST $100 worth of clothes in it - most times more. (The outfit that I received was $120)

To learn more, or sign up for Callie's Subscription box, click here. 

A big thank you to Callie Richards for sending me the subscription box free of charge in exchange for an honest review and post on Youer than You. 

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