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How to Make a Basic Outfit Look Awesome

It’s no wonder that more and more women are turning to minimalism when it comes to dressing – there’s something extremely elegant and sophisticated about all-black, monochromatic outfits. And, not to mention how expensive a few basic pieces can look. However, things always look a bit more interesting when you add a striking detail. Whether it is a pop of unusual colour, a statement piece of jewelry or something else, a detail like that can make your basic outfit look awesome and elevate your personal style to a new level.

Rely on a good bag

Upgrading your basic outfit can be as simple as wearing a trendy, noticeable bag. That can be a cute little crossbody bag in a bright colour or an interestingly shaped one. If you’re more into clutches, go ahead but make it a patterned one to add a little spice to your everyday outfit. Think rainbow stripes, florals, or pop culture prints as they’ve been announced as major trends for 2017.

Make a statement

Chokers have been dominating the fashion scene lately but long, chunky necklaces will have a great comeback in the upcoming summer season. The same goes for crazy-looking earrings and, especially, piercings. Septum piercings are not a new thing anymore but they’re getting more and more popular, so now you can find all kinds of embellished rings to beautify the area between your nose and your lips.

Pop a colour

Wearing all-black or all-white outfit sure feels powerful but you can make it a real head turner with a smart pop of colour. It can be a tiny thing such as sunglasses that could make a difference so don’t hesitate to invest in a colourful frame for your shades. Your makeup can be a part of your outfit, too – just choose a bold lipstick and rock it. You can go with classic red or you can play with trends a little and go for bright orange, fuchsia, or even black or blue.

Let your shoes speak

There’s a reason why women always need more shoes – it’s because each pair tells a different story and girls have a lot of stories to tell. So, whenever you’re in doubt about how you can refresh your outfit, a new pair of shoes may be the answer you’re looking for. Take a trip to your favourite store or search for shoes online and find a stunning pair that will make your basic outfit stand out. Trendy over-the-knee boots, edgy Doc Martens, lace up sandals, or unusual plush mules – the choice is all yours as long as you keep it cool.

Top it off with hair accessories 

Hats have been trending for the past few seasons, especially the wide brimmed ones that bring that old Hollywood glamour back to the scene. On the other hand, if you’re not really into this hat thing, you can try out some of the other cool hair accessories, such as turbans and headscarves. The best thing about this head-wrapping trend is that it means no more bad hair days. Just wrap it around and get ready to make a few heads turn on your way to work.

As you can see, making your outfit stand out is easy – all you have to do is find a detail you like the most and let it transform your entire combination.

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