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Easy Ways to Go Green

Green has certainly taken over the scene in recent years, becoming an essential part of politics, technology, and fashion. With the overload of green information on the TV and the Internet, it’s easy to get fed up with it. However, that’s the worst decision we could make. Adopting a green lifestyle has a positive impact on so many things. It has an immediate effect on our lives by lowering our bills and creating a cleaner and safer home environment. Apart from improving the quality of our lives, a green way of living also helps take care of the planet and preserve it for future generations.

Stop Wasting Energy

Large amounts of energy in our homes go to waste, which results in unnecessary increase of our bills. Whenever you’re not using an appliance, turn it off. TVs, computers, phone chargers, and other home appliances that we use regularly consume large amounts of energy even when they’re turned off. This problem can be solved by implementing power strips. You can plug devices into power strips and then turn them off to save energy. Alternatively, you can get smart power strips which immediately turn off when the appliance isn’t in use. Encourage your whole family to use them.

Lights Out 

Get accustomed to turning the lights off when nobody’s in the room and teach your children to do the same. Additionally, start using compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) as they last longer than incandescent ones and can save much more energy and money. Just make sure to dispose of CFLs properly, by taking them to a recycling center.

Avoid Excessive Heating & Cooling

Don’t overheat your home so that you’re able to walk around in short sleeves. It’s an unnecessary waste of both money and energy, and it’s not healthy go out into the cold from an excessively hot room. Also, there’s no need to leave your heating on maximum when you’re not at home, so set the thermostat on a lower temperature. Adjust the temperature according to the season by turning it a few degrees up in winter and a few degrees down in summer. Make use of cold night air in the summer by opening the windows in the evening and keeping them closed during day. Also, use drapes to prevent heat from entering. These simple actions won’t take much of your time, but you’ll be able to see the difference pretty soon.

Switch to Organic Cosmetics 

Regular personal care products are full of harmful chemicals that can potentially endanger your health. Bearing in mind that our skin absorbs up to 60 percent of the products we use, it means that all those toxins end up being absorbed by our skin. Avoid their negative effects by switching to safer organic skincare, which are made of natural ingredients and free of harmful substances.

Save Water

Teach your kids about the importance of saving water. Advise them to take shorter showers and not to leave the water running while they’re brushing their teeth. Fresh water is essential for our existence and we need to reduce useless consumption of it.

Avoid Plastic Bags

Plastic is the enemy of the environment as it releases harmful chemicals during the process of decomposing. These toxins go into the ground and contaminate our food and water. When shopping for groceries, bring your own, reusable shopping bag.

Use Natural Cleaning Products 

Regular cleaning products are harmful for your health due to toxic materials they contain. Create a safer home for your family by switching to natural cleaning products. They’re healthier, less expensive, and fairly easy to make.

Implementing these simple changes into your lifestyle means taking better care of your life, your family and the planet.

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