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Dressed to Love: Yoga Pants

Many women (and probably some men as well) can attest to the fact that yoga pants are exceedingly glorious for a number of reasons, the number one being COMFORT. We all know a person who would wear them anywhere and everywhere if they could get away with it and lots of us are that person. But many of us still want a li’l extra coverage for modesty’s sake or just to make us more comfortable. So I am here to give an example of layering yoga pants in a way that makes people not even realize you're wearing them.

An eye-catching tee (like mine ft. John, Paul, George, and Ringo) and a slouchy beanie draw the gaze upwards if you wish to camouflage the skin-tight goodness that adorns your lower half. Tie a plaid button up or a bomber around your waist to hide your butt and to add a fun layer to the outfit if it makes you feel more comfortable.

And don’t forget the cute sneaks! As for those of you who wish not to hide your assets but rather to flaunt them, I applaud you. The graphic tee should be all you need.

I was in high school when the yoga pants craze began but I didn’t hop aboard the train until very recently. I was judgmental in my younger years, and I thought yoga pants looked lazy and basic. Now I front the #embraceyourinnerbasic movement and vowed to let people do or wear whatever the heck they want because it’s their body and I have no right to tell them otherwise. You rock those basic styles, hotties.

I’m proud of you for being Youer Than You.


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