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Dressed to Love: Green for St. Paddy's

Green has been my favorite color since I was a wee lass but I don’t have a lot of it in my wardrobe. Luckily for me, the weather has been gorgeous recently and I so I was able to wear a springy outfit for this week’s post.

Also, yay for the first no-shoes day of the year!

I paired my favorite breezy cardigan with a cropped mint tank and my favorite boyfriend jeans. The li’l green butterflies were a gift from my mom when we went to the market in Cambodia the month before I turned sixteen. I didn’t think twice about pairing the butterflies with the skull on the cardigan but chuckled at the contrast between the two when I reviewed these pictures. They highlight two very different – and very major – parts of my personality.

The butterflies are the dreamy and often silly side of me. I’m an empath who becomes devastated at the idea of anyone becoming sad and have been trying to find a way to work a flower budget into my monthly spending. My name – Charity Grace – literally means “God’s love and favor.” I never stopped believing that I can fly.

The skull is the shameless fighter who takes no ish from anybody. I’d take a bullet for a stranger and have a temper that, while I’ve gotten it under control, has actually frightened people who weren’t even on the bad side of it. It’s insanely different from the butterfly side of me… but I love both sides deeply.

There are many different types of women, the tenderhearts and the bleeding hearts and the rebels and the rioters, and all of them are equally incredible. I think a lot of us believe that if we are tough than we can’t be sweet, if we’re kind we can’t have bite. But that’s so far from true. You are free to embrace all the crazy amazing and contrasting sides of yourself. You don’t have to choose.

Happy is the soul who has found contentment with her whole being and utilizes all of her different strengths to bring more good to the world.

All of who you are is undeniably ravishing.


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