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Dressed to Love: Dating Style

Dressing for dates is always such a devastatingly large project but no doubt one of the most fun. So when my love told me he was taking me to Old Colorado City to get pizza I was hyped. Last week I wrote about casual, comfortable, busy-day style. This week I’m writing about playing dress-up.

I paired a striped button-up with a deep teal wrap skirt. The asymmetrical style of the skirt manages to make the outfit simultaneously flirty and professional.

When accessorizing, people often stick to the same colors: silver or gold or one sole statement color throughout the outfit. But choosing pieces in the same color family as each other (like these mint green earrings and the teal skirt) gives your outfit a bit more diversity and depth.

Sometimes when things get stressful, all I wanna do is lay in my pajamas forever. But sometimes, I say screw it and dress up even though I have nowhere to go. I was never a huge girly-girl growing up but I always adored putting on fluffy dresses and heels that were too big. Now, as an adult, dressing up is a cost-free means of treating myself.

I know that I am equally beautiful barefaced and in sweats as I was on my senior prom night, but when I put effort into making myself look extra good, I feel extra good. And there’s nothing wrong about that. There are so many different sides to self-care and self-love and none of them are really wrong. Dress up, dress down, don’t dress at all (if you’re in an appropriate setting). Whatever you need to do to feel bomb about yourself is more than worth the effort… or lack thereof. You are so beyond stunning, regardless of what you wear.


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