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8 Eyeliner Looks

Eyeliner is fun. I mean, there are a million eyeliner options and there is a certain type of satisfaction in successfully applying any style of it. Even though it's fun, eyeliner can also be super difficult. But with practice, it can become a really exciting part of your makeup routine. Today, I'll be showing you 8 different eyeliner looks and some insight on how to achieve them.

1. The Ever-So-Slightest Line

First up, we have a tiny little line over the eyelid to add some definition without being obvious. I used a liquid eyeliner pen, but most eyeliners would work to create this. This looks great with soft, neutral eyeshadow.

2. Straight

Once again using a liquid eyeliner pen, I created a thicker line. This actually takes practice, because you have to learn how to shape it to best fit your eye shape. The best way to learn this is through experimentation!

3. Eye Pop

Here, I used a brown eyeliner pencil to line my eye, focusing on the outer corners. Paired with mascara, this makes your eyes look big and defined. For my complexion brown works best, but those with darker complexions might want to go with black.

4. Basic Wing

Now is when it starts to become more difficult. Even the best makeup artists end up having to redo their wings from time to time. Again using a black liquid eyeliner pen, I created a thick line and extended it slightly, connecting it at the bottom.

5. Sharp Enough to Kill a Man

There are countless ways to create a wing, and I'm just showing you a couple. Here, I used a black liquid eyeliner, this time one with a tiny brush. I started with a basic line of medium thickness, then slowly and carefully extended the line until it faded out. This takes precision and practice, but once you get it it's really not hard.

6. Dot Accents

For this, I simply added three dots below the previous look. Experiment with eyeliner outside of your normal eyeliner, it adds a unique sense of interest to your look.

7. Gold Pencil

If you're feeling adventurous, try different colors, or even gold. I used a bronze kohl pencil to line my top and bottom lashes and I extended it out to make a wing.

8. No Eyeliner

It's totally possible to created dark and defined eyes without the help of eyeliner. Try smudging a little bit of dark eyeshadow and overdoing the mascara. I love this look.

Thank you for reading! Have a lovely week.

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