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Valentine's Day Date & Outfit Ideas

So, it’s AGAIN that time of the year when some singles are going “Ughhhh” and rolling their eyes to the back of their head thinking “Is anyone REALLY still celebrating this stupid holiday?” Disgusted by the thought that they must be loved (or love) on a single date feels very unhealthy to them, and they’ll do everything to rebel against it. “Isn’t love to be practiced all year around, 365 days a year?”, they’ll ask. Ah, the provoking cynics.

On the other hand, there are other singles who are, most probably, crying out loud to their DVD Bridget Jones 1, 2 and 3 screenings, (followed by Notting Hill and Stupid, Crazy, Love, of course) all while stuffing their faces with chocolate delights and wine (because chocolate always makes things better, we kid you not). To them, it’s heartbreaking that they’re not a part of the cliché: “So what if it’s a cliché and I am to be taken out for dinner and dancing just that one night? It’s adorable!” Ah, the unhappy romantics.

And then – there are those in love. They care for nothing except for one another. While others are discussing the consumerist tradition of overspending for Valentine’s, fighting the unnecessary Love tradition altogether, conversing on feminist issues and single dramas related to the holiday… the in-loves will be choosing outfits for their big February night, toasting to Cupid for making it happen. And you know what? We’ll toast to them!

Celebrating love, let’s explore a few of the possible date-possibilities (and their outfits) the cute couples may embrace:

Ice Skating 

If you are thinking Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack in the ice-ring, joined by serendipity and that one glove, you are not the only one! We somehow see most adorable couples ice-skating and holding hands, welcoming snowflakes and laughing to every potential fall. Naturally, the music in the back is jazzy, nothing that’d distract them. Too loveable!

 What to wear: A cute sweater and tight pants with minimal makeup; rely on a little mascara and a delicate lipstick, a tad of glitter on the lids and your natural flush from the cold. Glam things up with Swarovski bud earrings. In this scenario, you'll look like an ice queen!

Spa Day

Whoever said spa days are for girls only was in the wrong! A spa day for the lovebirds may be one of the best options for this loveable day, especially if it includes aromatic massages, strawberries and champagne!

What to wear: Swimwear featuring hearts.

Date night at your favorite restaurant

Simple but always elegant, a dinner at your favorite restaurant will be a perfect, especially if you’re both working on Feb 14th and can’t arrange anything else. Order the most delicious stuff from the menu and toast to your happiness!

What to wear: A romantic lace dress or a maxi option oozing elegance (our eye always falls to the fabulous Style Hub feminine options), statement jewelry, and lipstick emphasized (red, preferably). Keep things classy.

Walk & Theater/ Cinema / Gallery

For all the chill couples out there, celebrating Valentines may be just another of their fabulous dates out. Celebrate it by going for a walk around town, followed up by a gallery visit or a theatre play. For those who are more into movies, chose a romantic film that’ll get you both mushy and sweet. Feed each other popcorn and ice-cream!

What to wear: A cute fluffy skirt, ballet shoes (or, if it’s too cold, go for stylish boots), and a shirt with ruffles. Channel the romance by wearing a romantic, adorable outfit.

"Netflix and Chill" 

Well – to be romantic and celebrate the Day of Love, you don’t really have to leave the house, now do you? Curl up to your special someone, make popcorn or order food in. Treat yourselves to good wine and foods, to some amazing chocolate treats and fruits. Make a movie/series marathon and end the night… well, you know.

What to wear: Silk pajamas, a romantic and discreet necklace, heart-patterned socks and fluffy Uggs.

To all of you who were lucky enough to find someone to love, we wish you years of happiness, love and tranquility!

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