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The Sage of Time

Slamming the car door, she hurled herself into her car and roared the engine on. She couldn’t focus through her anger and barely missed the car behind her. The car holding Bryan Matthews honked back at her, but she flipped him off instead. She wasn’t mad at me of course, but she was at her friends; they were completely different than she remembered from the summer. Every day it seemed they were making the wrong decisions and being influenced by other people. She briefly smiled as she remembered the time during the summer in which the relationship was perfect. They had gone on picnics, to the zoo, and had deep conversations. But, now that was all ruined by the lies they told, the bad people they hung out with, and the constantly changing opinions. Even more so, she missed her old friends like old, old. Ones that played with her under the cherry tree in the backyard of her childhood home. They never even had a care about stupid things like drama, looks, politics, or boys. It was a so much simpler time. She desired so much to go back to 2004. Maybe she would, she just needed to hurt herself. Well, not because she was depressed but because of time. She was a time traveler. She found out when she had an accident involving water and electricity. So, now she travels to view time. She can’t change it but she can go back into her old consciousness and reminisce.

Suddenly, she veered off the road and crashed into a tree. Sleep rushed over her and darkness took over. Hours seemed to pass by slowly while the light rays slowly peeked through what seemed like a familiar apple tree.

Playing with Abby under the tree, she suddenly realized she only went back to when she was 6 years old, not 4. She and Abby were laughing as they acted like their Barbie dolls were fairies that lived in the apple tree.

“Sage, we should have my character break her wing and everyone freaks out so you have to donate one of yours,” Abby said. She didn’t remember this part part, but Abby just must have said something out of character.

The old Sage replied, “ No let's create some drama and have my character, the lead fairy, go off and go on an adventure.” She imitated flying gracefully through the sky till she climbed the tree house and yelled out the window, “Come on Abby. Let’s fly away!”

But, Abby wanted no part, “I can’t my wing is broken,” Abby said for the doll.

Future Sage was now super confuddled and realized maybe wasn’t simple.

“Sage, you are so annoying, come down and help me,” she said as Sage wouldn’t reply because the light shown so pretty on the sparkly wings. Sage, now, remembered why she was so happy in the past, she ignored the haters.

Time to write a letter, Sage embodied her younger self and went to find a piece of paper. This occured everytime Sage traveled back, she wrote a letter to her future self. Here is that letter:

Dear Future,

I crashed my car to get here and I just feel stupid for doubting myself. Right now you think everything is falling apart because of the differences in your friendships. They are valuable, so don’t ditch them. However, I will ask you to find yourself again. You rely too much on them to affirm yourself. Don’t you remember how little you cared when you were little. Abby was actually quite a bossy friend, but you never judged her. You never let her cloud your judgement. And that's what you should do now. Most of the time your friends are amazing, but you can’t rely on them to give back all that you give them. You have never had an equal relationship. But, you can enjoy the little things now and stop worrying about the past. The past is fleeting and the future always changes. The time is present. Friends don’t last forever, but your self-confidence has to endure. 

Please Remember This,
Sage from 2006

The light came back as Sage woke up again, but not in a crashed car. She was definitely still driving. “Well, that's new,” Sage blurted aloud. She costs a lot of money to her family whenever she tries to time travel. She guessed that she just came back sooner and was getting better at time keeping or time traveling.

Once she reached home, she checked the box to see if there were any new letters. Turns out, there was, but it didn’t say much about what happened (she can never remember). All it had was some advice. But, she still didn’t know if she could trust herself till the next day when she blew up at her friends and they “broke” up with her. “Trust yourself,” Sage then wrote in her journal.

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