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Quick & Easy Makeup Tutorial by Margaret

I got a lot of positive feedback last time I did a makeup tutorial, so I thought that today I'd give you guys a new one!

I created a quick, easy, pretty, natural, and rosy look using almost all drugstore makeup products (like usual.) Let us begin!

I started by using Maybelline's Dream BB Pure BB cream. I love BB cream because it gives the evenness and coverage of foundation but looks a lot more natural. I just put a little bit of this on using my hands, like I was putting on a regular moisturizer.

Next, I put Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer under my eyes and Almay Clear Complexion concealer over my blemishes. Both of these products work extremely well and I use them almost daily.

I blended all of this by tapping with my ring finger. This adds some time, but gives you more coverage than a beauty blender would. I then used a little bit of Maybelline Fit Me! powder, to set my concealer. For a fresh, youthful look, I beg of you, DO NOT use too much powder! I try to use powder only to set concealer and sparingly over excessively shiny places. A shiny face isn't always a bad thing.

For eyeshadow, I only used two shades, both from the Urban Decay Naked palette. I applied W.O.S to my eyelid and a little bit of Naked 2 to my crease do add depth. We'll come back later with a highlighting shade.

Now for the fun part! I applied a natural shade of blush (Shy Blush by Mary Kay) to the apples of my cheeks and then underneath my cheekbones almost as a contour. If you've read my previous posts, you know I'm addicted to my e.l.f. Illuminating Palette. I used the two lightest shades in it, a white and a light pink. I put the pink above my cheekbones, in the inner corners of my eyes, and above my upper lip. I went in with the white on the tip of my nose and on my browbone.

Also, thanks to the handy-dandy Snapchat, I made this, to clarify where I used highlighter and blush. Red is blush, pink is light pink highlighter, and white is white highlighter.

Mascara and light pink lip gloss were my finishing touches. I used the Colossal Volume Express mascara by Maybelline.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this was helpful to you, and I'd love for you to let me know if it was! Have a beautiful day.

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