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Overalls, Tights, & Cropped Polo

Let's be real, here: I have been sitting on my bed in a onesie for two hours trying to think of a creative way to start this post. So, I've decided to stop thinking and simply start. I have been watching Gilmore Girls this whole time, which probably doesn't help my situation. I really love Gilmore Girls, though. I've fallen in love with every character, especially Lorelai and her sass. Similarly, I get a kick out of Jiji the sassy cat from Kiki's Delivery Service. And I adore my Jiji tights that I picked up at Hot Topic. Now that I've finally made it to my point, let's talk about my outfit.

I paired my tights with a fun pair of overalls (short-alls?) that I found at Old Navy. I wore these all the time over the summer, but I've found uses for them in the winter months also.

Underneath, I wore a black cropped polo shirt that I got at Forever 21 recently. This has been a fun add-on to my wardrobe, it's so basic yet cute. I wear it with hoodies and skirts and just about anything else.

Finally, I wore a black lace jacket from Target over top and black thrifted combat boots.

So there you have it. Basic colors and a touch of geekdom for an average day at school. Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!

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