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Striped Bodycon Dress

One of the best things for me about starting Dressed to Love was having a platform that I could utilize to encourage women and girls to love their bodies and be creative with their senses of style. But the thing I wasn’t really counting on was how much this would push me forward on my own journey of self love. I’ve been actively working toward adoring my body and my personality and my mind for what they are for many years now but – as you all know – it can be… really hard.

Occasionally I still go through setbacks. It’s a process that never really gets easy (though it definitely does get easier). And that’s why I’m writing this week about a certain clingy bodycon dress.

I found the dress at H&M on one of my happy body days and I excitedly purchased it to wear to events or on dates. But every time I’ve worn it since, I’ve had to actively choose to love myself in it. See, I love my legs. They’re long and strong and help me reach high-up things. I love the way my waist tapers in too. Always have. But I have never been a fan of my stomach and that makes the dress difficult sometimes.

I feel bad saying mean things about my stomach though. It’s soft and nice and it holds my food and organs and someday it’ll hold my baby. It is a vital and awesome and even beautiful part of me and I don’t want to be mean to it just because it doesn’t look the way I want it to.

Your body is a temple, loves. All of it. And you don’t just get to pick and choose which parts you like or don’t like and call that body positivity. It is fully within your power to eat healthy and exercise and drink water and wash your face and do other things to change aspects of it if you want to. And I am all for positive changes and getting healthy. But hear me when I say that if you don’t love your body before all the changes, you won’t love it after either. Please don’t make a habit of nitpicking and talking down about yourself. You are so exceedingly lovely even now, regardless of whether or not you think so.

Be kind to your body. It is doing the best it can to take care of you. Forget what the articles say. You can wear horizontal stripes and form-fitting clothing and you very well should if it makes you happy. Thank you for being such a loving and sweet community that makes posting about my insecurities a breeze. I only hope I can help you on the journey you take.


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