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Little Happy Thing

Hey. Hey you, the one reading this.

You have a nice face. I like it.

Do you know who else has a nice face? That nice person who smiled at you while you were walking down the sidewalk. I hope they have a nice day.

Which makes you happier, rain or sun? I like when it rains; it rained on Sunday at my house. There was a lot of thunder. It made me so happy.

Do you know what else happened on Sunday? I had an anxiety attack. It wasn’t as bad as some people have, and it was worse than other people’s. It was scary and it hurt. I tried to distract myself for a while, but that wasn’t really working. So I just whispered nice things to myself (you are loved, it’s okay, this is gonna get better, you aren’t a bad person) until I could breathe and it didn’t feel like someone was trying to crush my lungs.

You see, lots of scary things happen in life. There’s sickness and mean people and wars and days when it seems like nothing is ever, ever going to be okay.

But there’s also flowers growing through the sidewalk, and your favorite ice cream flavor, and your friend’s smile on their birthday, and rainbows. Somewhere, someone is getting their first kiss. Somewhere, a couple just had a baby. Somewhere, a girl is wearing her favorite dress.

I’m not saying that we should ignore the bad things that happen in life. But we definitely shouldn’t ignore the good things. Cereal. The smell of a book. New friends. Your future favorite song that hasn’t come out yet. A compliment you give a stranger. The compliment your best friend gives you.

I could go on and on and on. But instead, let me just say this—happiness is important. Focusing on the little happy things is important. Because when you hold to the happy things, no matter how big or small, it makes the hard things a little easier to overcome.

My cat slept on my bed with me. What’s your little happy thing?

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