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Letter From the Editor: All My Love

Every month, all I can think about is, "How in the world is it time to write another editorial?" February rolled around on me really fast. It came like a sneak attack in the night.

Okay, so no, it didn't. Every day of January was a day closer to February, and yet I felt like I could delay the inevitable. 

February is a hard month for a lot of single people - myself included. It's the month where you see all these couple pictures on Facebook and you're friends are so happy with their boyfriends, fiancees, husbands, whatevers. 

And I mean, you try to be happy for them, you really do. But sometimes it's hard when you're the single one. You're the one that doesn't have someone to go out on a Valentine's Day date with.

It's not like Valentine's Day is even that big of a deal for me personally. It's just the IDEA of it. The idea of having someone to go out with on that day and being able to get dressed up and go on a fancy date with the guy that you love. 

I have a goal for myself this February - to be happy despite the fact that I'm still single (for another Valentine's Day). That doesn't make me undesirable or unloved. It just means that the guy I'm supposed to spend my future Valentine's Day with is somewhere out there...hopefully waiting for me too. (? I question this every year).

So, take heart, single ladies. You're going to find your Valentine one of these years. And then these (many) single Valentine's Days are going to be far in the past and you won't even remember them anymore.

And remember: I love you. Eat a piece of chocolate for me (since I don't like it!) 

All my love,

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