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Jewelry is a Girl's Best Friend

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to a new jewelry line, Plunder. She's a consultant for the company and signed me up for a subscription box called the PLUNDER POSSE. 

For $25 a month, tax included, you can get a beautiful piece (or two) of jewelry that comes straight to your door! How awesome is that?

Part of the fun is that you have no idea what kind-of jewelry you're going to receiving so it's a surprise every time! I am sort-of particular about the jewelry I wear, but my first box came in the mail last week and I was in LOVE.

After opening the box, I discovered a cute little pouch that was holding my jewelry, and I caught my first glimpse!

Underneath the jewelry pouch there was a postcard with the words "February Posse" on them. That showed what you'd be getting in the box, so I was pretty thrilled when I saw it was something so adorable!

As soon as I saw this little jewelry ensemble, I fell in love! Ever since watching Psych (religiously), I have loved pineapples, so the earrings were right up my alley!

I based my outfit the next day around this necklace/earring set. I wore a Lularoe Classic tee. The greenish neckline/sleeves matched the color in the necklace perfectly!

I am sold on this jewelry line after just one shipment, however I'll be posting for the next few months on the jewelry that I receive through this subscription box.

To learn more about Plunder jewelry, or to become a part of the Plunder posse ($25 subscription box), follow the link here.

That will take you directly to Callie Richards' page. Scroll to the very bottom and there's a link to join the Plunder posse. However, you can also browse all the beautiful jewelry that is available, as well.

For $25 a month, you can get some beautiful, well-made jewelry that will make your day (or month) a little brighter!

Check it out!
I received the jewelry above for free in exchange for an honest review of the product. I was not compensated in any way, other than the jewelry received. 

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