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Go Outside

I recently read one of those soul-changing books that challenges the deeps of who you believe you are and forces you to discover who you really are. It was amazing. I cried through most of it, and underlined at least half. Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist, for those of you who’d like to go on a soul-journey as well.

But there’s one specific take-away I want to share with you.

Go outside. 

Shauna’s home base as she rediscovers herself is at a lake-home she’s spent many of her summers at. It reminds her of what really grounds her soul; quiet, contemplation, peace, outdoors.

That is a magic combination.

I just moved from a small apartment to a small house, and it’s ok that my home is still small because we have our own yard, our own fences, our own back patio that gets just the right amount of sunshine in the mornings. Every day since we’ve moved in I’ve scooted out the back door - runny nose, tissues and all - and spent some time basking in the sunshine, listening to the birds and neighborhood dogs, and counted my blessings.

It’s like a refresh button. After a few minutes breathing the air, sunning myself, and just being, I feel more energized. I’m ready not just to unpack another box, but to push up some windows, wear something a cute, tie back the curtains, put on some music. Even doing the dishes or unpacking bathroom towels becomes a bit easier.

Acknowledge the day at some point, loves. Maybe it’s warm and you can drink your coffee outside. Maybe it’s cold and all you can do is open the door and squeak out a frosty breath. Maybe it’s the evenings, instead of the mornings. Perhaps taking a bit of hot tea on the front stoop is how you unwind. Maybe taking your dog for a walk, or taking yourself for a walk is the best way to get outside. Maybe you live in a crowded city - then try to find a city park, or a cafe with some outdoor seating. Maybe just a window with a view of the skyline.

However it works best for you, remember to go outside and refresh. Breathe the air. Close your eyes. Remember who you are, why you’re here, and how beautiful it is to face a new day full of potential.

Breathe deep, loved ones. And go outside.

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