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Dressed to Love: Casual Confidence

My last couple of weeks have been busy and hectic and emotional. I flew out to California right after Valentine’s Day to attend my grandpa’s funeral and spend time with family. That in itself was a whirlwind. I got home on Wednesday morning at like 3am and still haven’t had time to unpack. I’ve been running errands and working and trying to find time to exercise and spend time with people in the midst of it all. So this week I’m writing about busy-day fashion and how to look cute when you have a twenty-minute morning and a thousand things to do.

My job as a nanny doesn’t leave me a lot of room to dress super cute when I know I’m just going to get food and drool all over what I wear, and when I have to dart straight from work to the bank and then grocery shopping and then home to eat and work out and chill for a minute before I go to bed, I need to plan ahead. When I was younger I didn’t care as much about what I wore when I went out to run errands. And while I’m sure that even in my “old age” that no one I pass in the aisles of Walmart is going to judge me, I tend to want to look nice-ish… even if only for me.

Enter my go-to busy day look. I have an abundance of slouchy, off-shoulder tee shirts that – while super casual – still do a nice job of expressing who I am. I pair that with slouchy sweats or track pants and neutral sneakers or those basic flats I wrote about a li’l while ago and there you have it. Swap out the sweats for sweat shorts in the summer or boyfriend jeans year-round and the tee shirt for an oversized hoodie with a quirky saying scrawled across the front in the winter (or toss a bomber jacket on top of the tee for those unpredictable weather days). Super easy. I throw my hair in a high pony and hold my head high like this is exactly the way I want to be seen that day. That’s the key, loves: confidence. A beautiful smile and a spring in your step will make you look cuter than any designer gown ever could.

I’m glad I figured all these tricks out now so I can still find ways to be fashionable even when I’m crazy busy as a mom. Here’s to hoping you can put my busy-day style tips to good use in the days to come.


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