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Dressed to Love: Cuffed Jeans, Button Up, and Booties

I have been realizing more than ever how much of an impact shoes can have on an outfit (if you couldn’t tell by my last post). I wore cuffed jeans and a plaid button-up over a black tank for my outfit this week and when I was deciding on shoes I realized that choosing converse or flats would give the outfit a much different vibe than if I went with the booties that I ultimately decided on.

As you all know, I was absent last Sunday. I had to take a week off due to some hard family stuff that was going on. Honestly, for a while now I haven’t even felt like dressing cute at all. And I was really hard on myself for deciding not to post last week. But I didn’t have to be. As fun as fashion may be… it’s also a lot of work. Coordinating textures and colors, accessorizing, finding a location to shoot and getting good-enough pictures… there’s a lot that goes into keeping Dressed to Love active.

Life is wild. And not always in a good way. But it is so more than okay to just take a break every now and again. Don’t push yourself past what’s healthy and definitely not past what you ever may feel comfortable with. And don’t beat yourself up for doing what’s good for you. The happy and healthy you is the most beautiful you there is. Don’t ever forget that.


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