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But Who Are You?

I honestly believe that self-discovery is very important in life.

I feel that it’s always helpful to know who you are, what you want out of life, and where you stand in the world. After all, in a world crammed with billions of people, where a variety of personalities, talents, and opinions merge about, it’s easy to lose yourself, allow yourself to be labeled, and adapt to what others think of you.

Here are three ways I’ve found that have helped me make even the slightest sense of myself:

1. Give yourself – rather, prioritize – alone time.
I think the best moments that let you really think about who you are, whether you’re actually sitting down and talking loudly in your head or just alone, can let you know tons of things about yourself. Often when I brainstorm for writing projects or make a to-do list of things I need to accomplish for the day, week, or month, I find myself learning more about what I like and dislike.

Even when I’m browsing online, I read reviews and blogs, and learn about what I personally agree with, find humorous, or sympathize with. When I read: I find which characters I feel I am most like and most different from. When I’m alone: I discover little stuff that make my day or bring it down.

2. Let moments speak for themselves.
Don’t interpret or analyze each moment too much. Tiniest moments, from picking an ice cream flavor or browsing a clothes store can actually let you learn more about yourself: from your fashion sense, music style, to even minuscule things like what classic, ‘comfort’ food that everyone loves and you detest or what TV show everyone has never heard of but you’ve seen a hundred times.

3. Don’t let tests identify you.
This one to me is the simplest yet the most truthful step. With the active online/social media sphere around us, it gradually gets easier and easier to let online tests or checklists identify who you are. Tests can easily, unwittingly categorize and shelf you, turning your eclectic, authentic person into an adjective or fictional character or even mere letters.

Of course, you can have fun with these tests! I always do, and I think they’re a great way of getting to know yourself if you answer questions honestly and really understand the point of a test. But don’t let tests change your outlook on life or make yourself start adjusting to how a supposed introvert/extrovert or Myers-Briggs Personality Type or ‘real’ artist, writer, or athlete may act because you receive these labels online.

There you have it: three ways you can practice right now for you to understand yourself a bit more!

Finally, remember that self-discovery is more or less a lifelong challenge, and there’s never going to be a deadline to when you should know who you really are. Our personalities and very beings are complex and ever-changing. Don’t rush. Take life in stride, and along the way, you will get to know yourself.

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