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When You Feel Useless...{Remember You're Not}

Trigger warning: This post deals with the topic of suicide.

A few weeks ago, a local freshman committed suicide. I ache for her family and friends – those who loved her, those who were with her every day of the week and cared about her more than anything in the world.

Suicide is not something that I know a lot about, but it’s something that has affected a lot more of us than I want to even admit. Bullying, being hurtful, making fun of, and talking nasty to people is NOT okay. And it’s not okay to make someone feel inferior because they’re different than you. Just FYI.

That being said, I want to talk about you. YOU. The you that looks in the mirror and wonders if you’re really here for a reason, or if it’s all an accident. The you that thinks “what am I good for?” The you that isn’t sure if you’re even a useful part of the world.

Are you ready for this: YOU ARE.

You bring light and life to a world that would otherwise be drab and gray without you. You bring a smile to someone’s face whenever they see you (whether it be your best friend, your parents, or your siblings).

You are important and so necessary in this life.

If you are reading this, know that I’m thinking of YOU. I think about every one of you that is reading this blog on a daily basis (and those that are just discovering it today), and I have high hopes and dreams for you.

You are important.

And beautiful.

And necessary in making this world a better place.

Please never, ever forget it.

I love you.

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