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The Best Winter Beauty Tips

The subjective feeling of winter is that everything stops and cold takes over, don’t you think? Even so, this doesn’t mean you should neglect your daily makeup sesh just because your toes and fingers are frozen. If anything, it’s very important to take good care of your skin in the winter, otherwise it will retaliate. Exfoliate and hydrate like there’s no tomorrow, and when spring comes - your beauty will glow more than ever.

Wear Sunscreen

What do you mean it’s essential to wear sunscreen in winter? Yeah, you read it well. Don’t leave your home without putting some on, especially if you’re going to stay out longer. It might not seem like it, but, during winter the sun can do more harm than in summer. If your skin is sensitive, all the more reason to use more SPF.

Drink Lots of Water

Healthy living is key to looking beautiful, no matter the season. Water is the best cleanser there is, and drinking it in winter is as important as following through with this healthy routine in summer. If you dehydrate, your skin starts looking weird and scaly, and then – comes panic. Remember to drink lots of water daily or hot teas which may even be a better option for the cold days.

Mind Your Fats

You should always be wary of your fat intake; fats are important but in moderation. Not only will too much fat consumption build that muffin top you never wanted but it will certainly affect the oiliness of your skin as well. Eat healthy and plenty of veggies and fruits that’ll keep you fit, regulate your body weight, and keep your skin radiant.

The Type of Makeup

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put on makeup. Before you do, be sure that you switch to oil-based makeup as it will help your skin stay healthier, and it won’t cause any blemishes in the long run. Even more so, there’s plenty of winter makeup to choose from which can be helpful in keeping your skin in check and making sure that you look your best. Before you apply your makeup, make sure to use a moisturizer or a foundation to help keep your skin from being damaged.

Layers of Clothes

Winter means cold, cold means you need to dress warm. Don’t dress bulky, dress smart. Go with layers, because it’ll allow your skin to breathe and keep you warm, without making you look like a walking cotton candy. Tighter pants and baggy sweaters with a shirt or two beneath will be perfect, and they’ll keep you nice and toasty.

Winter Boots

Remember that pair of boots you thought you would never wear? Now is the perfect time to put them, no matter how ugly they are. Just remember to pair them well with your outfit, just so you can look stunning when you leave your home, regardless of the fact you are practically rolling in the snow.

Winter Is Great For More Complex Beauty Makeovers

Winter has always been the season to work on preparing your bikini body for summer, hasn’t it? Well, the same goes for getting rid of unwanted hair on your body. If you want to undergo laser hair removal, then don’t delay anymore. You’ll be layered up with plenty of clothes to protect your skin, which means that you don’t have to worry about any kind of rashes.

Hair Care

Your hair is also an important part of your looks, which is why you should never leave your home without putting on a hat. Cold is bad for your hair, and it could end up giving you split ends and thinning it out. So, cover up that mane darling!

Winter is the perfect time to pay more attention to your body, as the harsh weather can give you more trouble. With a bit of care, and healthy living, you’ll look your absolute best every day, even on the coldest day.

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