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How to Fail in 2017

New Years Eve I invited all my friends to a small get together. But, since I only have 5 friends, only 2 came. But, it was still nice because the people who came, they didn’t care about my new year's resolutions. In fact, when I burned the fondue we were having, my friend brought up the fact that she failed almost everything this year (2016).

“Well, looks like you burnt the chocolate,” Kate said with a smirk. 

I sighed and replied, “Of course, I did, but last time I didn’t.” 

“Just like my 2016,” Kate added to the subject of failure, “I kept messing up things I said I would do better.” 

“But you learned from it, right?”I replied, “That’s good.” 

Kate seemed taken back, “Yeah, you are right. I don’t want you to be though.” 

See, in life you never want things that hurt you, to be good in the end. Everyone is always avoiding that in new year's resolutions; they don’t want to fail. Everyone is afraid of failure and its okay to be. But, whenever I fail, I learn more about myself and life. I never am satisfied unless I learn something.

It’s like when you go into the wild expecting to be in awe of the nature around you, but you never get that feeling unless you are free from worrying about it and looking for it. For example, today I went to take pictures with my friend in the mountains, and isn’t that memorable till the wind began to blow and make us to cold, but the photo shoot became fun because her hair was blowing everywhere, creating a nice effect. 

Therefore, here are some things to remember in 2017 so you don’t drown: 

1. Dump your brain every now and then 

Whenever you feel stressed, bored, happy, sad, creative, write down and decipher what it means and why it is like that. 

2. You are much more likely to not fail the next time if you fail now 

Like I said, when you fail, don’t frown, move on and change your mind about it 

3. Stop excessively planning 

Not everything you want to do will be done, so don’t push your calendar around in order to stay booked all year. Have free times to relax and plan events and things that will help you create good habits and a happy mind while you are experiencing all the frustrations. 

4. Don’t talk about balancing everything if you know that won’t help you be happy 

I have a dad that tells me all the time that balance is key, and he is right for the most part. But, not everyone is him. I can balance until I need to break down and focus on myself. So, based on who you are, see what components of your life need to be taken out and which ones take priority over others. 

5. Help and fail with others 

Humble yourself. We are always looking for self-help and I believe you can help yourself by helping others. Go volunteer and expose yourself to what others situations are. The world doesn’t revolve around you, it revolves around the sun and you need that too. 

6. Stay away from water

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