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Dressed to Love: Sunglasses {at night?}

When I started building my signature style several years back I realized I had quite an affinity for sunglasses. And so I began to collect them. At first I collected several different colors of all the same style but as I grew older I started branching out and now I own a fun array of (mostly black) styles that I choose to compliment outfits and fit certain moods.

(These babies, my present faves, are from a company called Nora NYC and I am in love).

I’ve been a “sunglasses at night” person for some time now, wearing them wherever I was regardless of the time of day. They made me feel cool and mysterious, like an undercover rock star or a very stylish private investigator. Somewhere along the line I stopped wearing them and am not really sure why. But I realized that I did this a few weeks ago and it made me a little sad.

One’s personal style is an ever-changing and organic thing that grows as you do. Just like fashions from eras past become relevant and hip again decades later, things that I once loved but grew out of for whatever reason often end up circling around and tapping me on the shoulder again. I am deciding to be a sunglasses at night person once more.

No shame.

I hope that you uncover a lost fashion love sometime soon to resurrect it and slay all over again. If you decide that you want to give sunglasses at night (or during the day, or in the bathtub...) a spin, then I highly recommend Nora NYC.

Use my code, “NewShades” for 10% off of your order at checkout.


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