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Dressed to Love: Seven Shoe Staples

Come summertime you’ll almost certainly see many outfits in which I am shamelessly barefoot. But shoes are those things that you pretty much have to own, at least in all the places I’ve ever lived, if only because of health regulations in public establishments. Because of this, I tossed open my closet this week so I could bring you…

The Seven Shoe Staples

#1: The Basic Flat 
A close up shot of mine with a nice camera would show that my staple pair actually looks like they’re made of broken glass. The Cinderella in me leapt for joy when my heeled feet stumbled upon these in Walmart at like, 2am. But I digress. Having a shoe that you can merely step into on late mornings is vital to the survival of every girl.

#2: The Winter Boot
This one, obviously, is only necessary if you live somewhere that turns frigid when the tilt of the Earth no longer works in our favor. Opt for something neutral and sturdy that keeps you warm. That’s about all you should need to survive.

#3: The Party Shoe
I don’t know what book it was that I read in junior high in which the girl received a pair of red high heels for her sixteenth birthday but I know that I have prioritized the possession of such a pair in every girl or woman’s wardrobe ever since. I bought mine initially for a winter formal my junior year and eagerly await the day when I can buy a pair for my daughter. No piece of footwear makes you feel more in control. Trust.

#4: The Well-Worn Chuck Taylor
I own several pairs of these and love them all dearly but these are the closest to my heart. They add a classy/classic touch to most any outfit without being too in-your- face about how fashion forward the wearer is. There’s a reason they’ve never gone out of style.

#5: The Summer Shoe 
These fun island-y things were the pair I used to break in my 21 st year. I got them at H&M for crazy cheap because I bought them on Halloween. Fashion tip: look for things that are out of season. I cannot emphasize this enough. Buying winter coats in January or swimsuits in September is one of the best ways to get quality products for a fraction of the price.

#6: The Neutral Bootie 
You’ve seen these lord-knows- how-many times on Dressed to Love and there’s a reason for that. They’re the perfect blend of professional and sophisticated. You can also pair them with such a wide range of dressiness-levels and they tie everything together swimmingly. I’m obsessed.

#7: The Destroyed, Hardcore, So-Worn-The-Right-Zipper-Is-Stuck-Halfway-Up-Forever Combat Boots
I buy one pair of these every year-and- a-half or so. The first ones I got went with me to Germany and I wore them so much, holes formed in the soles and I couldn’t wear them in the rain or snow unless I wanted my feet cold and drenched. These are around the same level of destroyed and I have avoided featuring them on Dressed to Love because of this. But I realized recently… that means I kind of suck at taking my own advice. I’m always talking about how important it is to wear what you want regardless of what people think. So it was kind of a slap in the face to realize that I’ve been hiding these from you.

So, my beauties, here are my favorite boots, in all of their demolished and no-longer- shiny glory. I love them. And I love all of you.


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