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Dressed to Love: Plaid blazer, Skinnies, & Black Booties

I’ve talked a lot about how your style is the first impression you make and how it conveys a glimpse into your personality before you even get to speak your first hello. Interestingly enough, I had an example of that happen at a party I went to this week.

I chose this plaid blazer, dark wash skinny jeans, and well-worn pair of booties to create an ensemble hey, I’m cute, I’m fun, I like to party but I have to be home before 11 because I work at 7:30 tomorrow. I thought I did a pretty good job of putting this across.

Unbeknownst to me, the couple that sat opposite my boyfriend and me at the coffee shop/café party venue were making first impressions solely on the way people presented themselves. They asked our occupations and then told us that they were trying to guess what everyone in the room did for a living based on their wardrobe choices and the way they were standing. They guessed that I was a teller at a bank and that my boyfriend worked at a skate shop or a smoke shop or as an artist.

It was such a funny encounter, and one that proved my theory on the importance of the way you present yourself. That’s one thing I love about style, that you can choose to be … anyone you want to be. Make people wonder if you’re an elementary school teacher or if you save lives for a living. Leave any lasting impression that you want.

An outfit is worth a thousand words.

Trust me. It’s a lot of fun.


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