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Dressed to Love: Faux Leather Blazer & Sequin Pants

Happy 2017, my beauties! Those words sound crazy as I type them. How is it that a year can go by so quickly and yet seem so long?

As this year has passed I have seized every opportunity to harness my love of playing dress-up and this holiday season was no exception. But as the days became more bitter cold I had to move away from my go-to holiday dresses and try something equally pretty but more practical for a Colorado winter.

Enter my NYE look: rose gold sequin pants with a faux leather blazer and platform stilettos.

I impulse-bought these pants last year while running errands with my mom (from Target if I remember correctly. Can you believe that? Target). They’re a little flashy and a lot impractical so I don’t don them as often as I’d like, but I’m resolving this new year to just do it when it comes to questionable fashion choices and see where it leads me.

This year has been extra crazy for tons of reasons. Two cars that I owned died and I got my first apartment with a darling roommate and had to learn to real world budget. Not the most fun. But I made some amazing friends and started dating a gorgeous man and grew so much as a writer and a musician and a person who tries really hard to love everybody and be kind.

2016 was rough for a lot of you, I know. Parts of it were hard for me to. But I hope, as devastating as it may have been for some of you, that you are able to look back upon the difficult pieces and recall at least one moment that was absolutely beautiful. That’s the one important thing to remember about hard times – that somehow … there is always hope.

My wish for you as this new beginning dawns is that you will continue upon your journey to finding yourself, loving yourself, discovering and expressing your own unique style, and being youer than you. May you try a new delicious food. May you blow a kiss at your reflection every time you pass by her. May you pet many friendly dogs. May you give and explore and dream to the best of your ability. And at the end of every adventure, may there always be a loving pair arms to welcome you back home.


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