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Crossing Lines

This 2017, I’m giving myself – and all of you here in the Youer than You community – a simple challenge. Cross lines. I’d tell you to step out of your comfort zone, but it sounds much more daring by calling it ‘crossing lines’, right?

Here’s an example: I watch musicals. Maybe not as often as I’d like, but I have watched a fair amount. I have watched Kaos, Mystere, The Lion King, Hansel and Gretel, and Annie, to name a few. All fairly spectacular, cheery, and simple musicals.

But just one month ago, I watched something completely out of the genre of musicals I tend to watch: Green Day’s American Idiot.

It more or less blew my mind. During the first scene already, I knew I was going to be faced with an entirely new musical, something different when compared to all the previous musicals I’ve watched.

American Idiot was ear-splitting, flamboyantly loud, literally and metaphorically. It was messy, in an organized way. It was pretty chaotic. It was controversial and political and emotional. But to me, it was brilliant. And guess what? I’m actively seeking out louder, more explosive musicals to watch, just like American Idiot.

What am I trying to point out here? Sometimes, trying out new things is unnerving, frightening, or even annoying if you’re forced to do so. But that’s the point of it: these feelings are supposed to surprise you, and many times, it will surprise you for the better.

Dare to cross lines.

If you’re always watching horror movies, try committing to a sci-fi TV show. If you often read books and have always wondered how it is to write one, why not do so? If you like to dress casually, why not try dressing up for once?

Maybe trying out new things will surprise you.

Even though the results may end up disastrous, at least you know you can fall back to your tried-and- tested habits, with the knowledge that you did experiment, even for once.

Be open to 365 days of new things.

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