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Surprise Week!

So I know I said I’d be announcing a surprise within a week - and that was three weeks ago. November was a crazy month, and I needed a break from writing and deadlines. Sorry for the absence, but at least I still have a surprise!

My husband and I are expecting! We’re due in June 2017, and we’re ridiculously excited! 

The pregnancy is going well so far. And by well, I mean that research shows that morning sickness typically indicates a healthy pregnancy and so I must have a super healthy baby. Yikes. I’m up to my eyes in nausea, ya’ll.

That said, I’m learning to develop a sense of humor about it. There’s two ways of looking at nearly everything. It’s truly not at all nice to sit at home most of the time - too nauseas to put in hours at my flexible job, to walk to the park, to exercise, to cook almost anything. I’ve had to switch between sitting in the bedroom and sitting in the living room, reading a book and watching a movie or show, eating bagels instead of bread when I can’t keep anything rich down. It’s hard, you know? I’m not going to gloss over that.

But at the same time, I can smile wryly over not eating bread while I slather peanut butter or cream cheese on a bagel. I get a sly grin when I have milk and cereal - the smell of milk isn’t too great but with cereal I can get it down. Calcium - check! I started making jokes that hopefully baby lets me eat more after he or she is born.

So, loves - keep your chins up. Life is hard and it’s okay to acknowledge that. We all have miserable days, yes? Just don’t let them get the best of you. And also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Have somebody pick up those groceries for you, or ask a close friend if they’ll help with the dishes. Ask if you can watch the movie at your house this time, instead of you having to drive somewhere. Let them help you and encourage you.

We’ll make it, and someday it may all turn out to be beautifully worthwhile.
(Like, you know, having a baby.)

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