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Self-Care 101

If you’re like me, you have a lot of trouble taking aside the time to take care of yourself. It’s not a majorly mind-blowing concept, but it’s still a difficult one. As you’ve probably heard many people say, it’s hard to pour into other people when you’re running on empty. That’s where self care comes in!

Today I wanted to share, in video form, a little bit about self care, why it's important, and how exactly to do it.

The irony is that yesterday I realized I wasn't taking my own advice. I wasn't giving myself the care and attention I needed. So, I've watched the video again, and hopefully this time I've taken it to heart. This weekend I'm going to try my best to give myself the self-care I need. Let's do it together, starting now! I'll be there right alongside you.

Take good care of yourself, you lovely person. I hope you have a fantastically amazing and restful weekend filled to the brim with self-care, loveliness, joy, and light. You're going to be okay.


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