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How to Read More Books

Books have been an important part of my lifestyle since I was a child, and as I got into the routine of "adult" things, like school and work, I found reading for pleasure becoming more of an idea I enjoyed than something I intentionally did. I tried to change that this year by reading curiously. What does this mean? I followed my instincts with books that I wanted to read. It helps that I worked in a library, so I had constant access to books that fascinated me, but you don't have to work in a library to get books done. Just get your library card!

Here are 3 ways to read more books, whether or not you believe you are a reader. All you need is a willingness to read (if you're one of those people who says you'd rather use your time doing something else, then I totally respect that and that's fine! I do not understand you, but I can respect that.) and curiousity.

1. Browse non-fiction. 

It gets the mind turned like soil in springtime. After searching for adult fiction and not being able to find anything that hit the spot, I moved to non-fiction and read some gems. I'm drawn to art history and books about whales or creativity and communication, but if a book looks interesting, I'll read it about anything. Non-fiction is amazing because it begins with a curious person writing about something they decided to be obsessed with for at the very least a year.

2. Fifteen minutes matter.

The time between when I get to work and when our meeting starts seemed like good phone-scrolling time if no one was talkative and sociable that early in the morning. I stopped doing that and just picked up whatever I was reading. It made me want to go back to the book. (Also good for creative pursuits like drawing and writing!)

3. Make a list of the books you read.

As you watch the list grow, whether on paper or Goodreads or on Excel, it's exciting to see measured progress.

These are my secrets! That's what I've learned. I managed to read thirty-four books this year--and I only counted books that I read from beginning to end, so there were plenty of books I read halfway or only portions of. That's not cheating: you're reading for you. Life is too short to spend reading books you don't want to read. My rule of thumb is to give it fifty pages, and if I don't like it by that time, then it is not worth it. Find what works for you and start reading!

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