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How LulaRoe Changed the Way I Look at Myself (+ 5 Reasons Why I Love It!)

I am a plus-sized person. I read somewhere that a size 16 is now the most common size for women in America, and how horrible it is that almost every year that number goes up to the next size because women everywhere are gaining weight at an alarming rate.

Okay, sure. I mean, we don't want to feed and fuel our bodies with the wrong things, but is being "fat" the absolute worst thing in the world? I say...no. It's not. I would rather be fat than be a jerk. I would rather be fat than be a murderer. So on, so on. I shouldn't maybe put those things in even the same category, but the way the world makes us feel as "fat" people is harsh. It's cruel and uncalled for.

Women in magazines are praised for being thin. They are photoshopped and made to look more beautiful than they really are, and real women are somehow supposed to live up to it? How? How are we supposed to look like those women in magazines when they don't even look like that?

We cannot. However. As a plus-size women, I find myself being drawn into the world of "Skinny" one too many times, and being down on myself because of it. Let's face it. I'm fat - and it's okay.

That being said, a few months ago, I discovered LulaRoe. Well, actually. I was hearing about it well before then but I didn't "get" it. I was like, "Leggings as pants that cost $25????" Um. No way in heck. However, I went to a vendor fair and a local consultant was there...and I tried on the leggings and an Irma shirt and I was loved it. Hook, line, and sinker, I was addicted.

First ever Lularoe outfit. TC black leggings & a XL Irma

So. Why was I so into this after just the one try? Well, let's be honest. I'm fat, but I felt good, which was something I hadn't felt in a long time. I'd look in the mirror a lot and think, "Well, it's another day and I still look fat." Yikes. What kind-of thinking was that? 

TC leggings, 2XL perfect tee, and a black cardigan
LulaRoe changed how I looked at myself. I didn't feel fat in these clothes - for whatever reason - and I also look(ed) in the mirror and feel like I look...nice.

TC leggings, 2XL Perfect tee, black furry boots
And now I'm going to share 5 reasons why I love LulaRoe. If you haven't tried this stuff, I seriously suggest you do.

TC leggings, XL Irma, and black cardigan (I looked like Mickey
  1. It's comfy!
    I can't say enough how comfortable the leggings and tops are for LulaRoe. The leggings feel like you're wearing pajamas all day (but look way better), and the shirts are loose and flow-y (I've tried Irma, Classic, and Perfect Tees.) And as a plus-size women, flow-y is life. I have tried both the Cassie and Azure skirts and like the leggings and shirts, they're incredible comfortable.I haven't tried any of the dresses yet, but that's my next goal!

    TC leggings, 2XL Perfect tee, crocs flats
  2. For what you get, it's not that expensive.
    Yeah, yeah. I was the girl who balked at $25 for a pair of leggings. That was me. I get it, it seems like a lot. It IS a lot. But they're so worth every penny. My local consultant also runs deals such as: buy 2 pairs, they're $22 a piece, etc. The shirts range from 31-35, usually. Yes, a lot for a shirt, but they're so cute and comfortable. The dresses are between 55-60. (Which is why I haven't bit the bullet and tried one yet). The skirts are around $35. The prices seem high 'til you put on the clothes...
  3. Some - NOT ALL - of the clothes are made in the USA.
    XL Elegant Irma, XL Cassie, TC black leggings, and brown booties
    Before LulaRoe become the "National Sensation" that it is now, all the products were made in the USA. However, since it has become so popular, they have had to do some outsourcing to other countries. That being said, they are very diligent in making sure their clothes are up to par with the USA products. (The only issue I seem to have is that my leggings that are made in Vietnam often fit tighter than the ones made elsewhere. They still fit, they're just tighter on my waist than the others.)
  4. It's unique

    TC leggings, 3XL classic tee, black cardigan, black infinity scarf, and some paparazzi jewelry
    I have yet to run into someone wearing the exact same Lula outfit as I am wearing. Every pattern is used to make 1000 pieces (leggings, shirts, skirts, dresses, etc), and then it is not used again. Which is kind-of a pain if you find a pattern you love and can never find anything in your size in that pattern. :( But, I love that I can go out of the house in an outfit that I'm pretty sure no one else will be wearing.
  5. It makes me feel pretty
    Maybe being pretty isn't the most important thing, but there is something to be said for clothes that make you feel good when you look in the mirror. Thinking you look nice isn't vain. It's not. You're allowed to think you look nice. LulaRoe makes me feel that way.

Sizes vary per clothing. I am all over the board when it comes to sizing for LulaRoe because every shirt/skirt/dress fits differently. However, I am going to list my sizing below (something I've never done before) so that you can get an idea what would work best for you. Also, there are size-charts on Pinterest that you can use. 

My Christmas outfit this year was TC holiday leggings (with Santa-polar bears, XL Irma, a tan cardigan, brown fuzzy boots, and some paparazzi jewelry to top off the look. 
I am typically a size 18-20 in jeans/pants, and a 1-2X in tops (in stores).

Lularoe sizing:

  • Irma - XL-2x (these run very large, size down)
  • Perfect Tee- 2x (runs true to size) 
  • Classic Tee - 3x (I size up in this one, simply for my bustline) 
  • Leggings - Tall and curvy (Tall and curvy fits sizes 12-24...they stretch) 
  • Azure Skirt - 2-3x (I can wear either size) 
  • Cassie Skirt - XL (I sized down in this one. It stretches a lot and fits well in an XL)
  • 2XL Carly dress (I haven't bought one yet but I tried one on and would get this size)

I guess the moral of all of this is, wear what makes you feel happy - wear what you feel beautiful in , no matter what size you are. 

I am in no way affiliated with the Lularoe Corporation and all my thoughts are my own. I received no compensation to write this post. 

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