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Dressed to Love: Perfect for the Season Outwear

Hello, my beauties! I buckled down and stepped outside into the bitter cold this week so I could do a perfect-for- the-season outerwear post! It was probably the bravest thing I did all week.

This headband has been my superstar for a couple years now. These large headbands (in place of ear muffs or beanies) came into style when I was in high school and never… really… left. Understandably so. The only thing I look forward to about cold weather is busting this baby out.

The coat was a gift from my parents two Christmases ago before I moved to Germany. The double-breasted buttons and fluffy collar are the notable features here. In addition to being really cute, it is always exceedingly warm… perfect for us in the Always Cold Club.

I’ll level with you, loves. I hate winter. I absolutely loathe it. Always have. It’s cold and miserable and driving is difficult and clothing options are more limited. But when I was putting this look together, thinking about how to look cute in spite of the 10-or- so-degrees outside, I realized something. The only reason I hate winter is because of me.

Worry not, that sentence is not as depressing as it sounds. What I mean by that is that sure, cold weather sucks, and I may not have as much fun dressing for it, but if I decide I’m going to hate it, that’s on me. Winter can be lovely too – maybe even as lovely as summer – if I decide that it is (though let’s be real, it’ll never be that lovely). Don’t get me wrong, I will hate cold weather forever. But I can decide in my own mind that all parts of the year are beautiful, and when I do… nothing can take that away from me.

It’s the same with your bodies and your faces and your senses of style, babes. YOU decide what you love. YOU decide how to decorate it. You are genuinely the only one who can make up your mind about how you feel about yourself. No one else can decide for you, and the moment you make that conscious decision, the moment you stand in front of your mirror at the end of the day when your makeup is melting and your hair is frizzy and you decide to say, “You know what? Screw it. I am an absolute smokeshow,” you will have reached the final level of total babe-ness and nothing will ever be able to stand in your way.

I will be in my living room under a pile of blankets cheering for you on your journey to get there.


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