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Dressed to Love: Daisy in a Bottle

Hello my beauties! I did something a little different for Dressed to Love this week. Instead of pulling from my own closet and taking pictures like I usually do, I took an excursion to Daisy in a Bottle, my favorite li’l boutique in Old Colorado City, to try on cute clothes and take dressing room mirror selfies. I’m hoping to do this semi-regularly at more places in the future so I can bring you my own tips on how to style different pieces.

First I went super comfy and casual with this precious hooded button-up and a pair of crazy versatile dark wash jeans. As a 34DDD (#thestruggle) I often have difficulty finding tops that fit just right across the chest – especially with button-ups – so I opted for a Plain White Tee underneath to keep the outfit family-appropriate.

Next (and this was my favorite) I styled a long open cardigan over an LBD (a piece that every woman or girl, regardless of age, should possess. It is one of the most versatile pieces you will ever own and also a major confidence booster. Trust). In the coming summer I will probably live in something similar to this. I’d pair it with strappy sandals, combat boots, wedges, flats, or more realistically, no shoes at all. The cardigan was an effortless way to style down the dress and make it appropriate for everyday wear.

Daisy in a Bottle is prime for things with vintage flair and this dress was no exception. You can’t tell in this photo but the print on the dress was bicycles. Bicycles! How cute is that? No doubt I’d be perpetually singing Queen while wearing it but I do not think that is a bad thing at all.

I’m the kind of girl who loves clothing that is both flirty/feminine and rock star/punk. I am 100% both leather and lace. So throwing the motorcycle jacket over the adorable dress was a fun way to include both sides of the coin that is Charity.

My last piece was for very lazy or very active days, where you sit and watch movies and eat Chinese takeout or do both pilates and yoga and then meet your girlfriends for window shopping before 10am. Patterned leggings and a solid long-sleeved tee under a flowy cardigan: both comfortable and fashionable enough to leave everyone wondering. Did I chug a green smoothie and jog here? Did I roll out of bed in last night’s makeup 5 minutes before I walked out the door? Who knows! Not you.

There you have it, babes. That is my four crazy easy ways to style basic pieces and look mega fine in the process. Special thanks to Kristin and Jamon at Daisy in a Bottle for letting me raid their racks and hog their dressing room for an afternoon.

Also! Very important! For those of you in the Colorado Springs area, anyone who goes into Daisy in a Bottle and mentions this Dressed to Love post will get 20% of a single item in their purchase till the end of the month! The boutique is located inside Agia Sophia coffee shop. If you do buy something, be sure to tag me (@dressedtolove) and the boutique (@daisyinabottle) in your Insta post so we can tell you how flawless you are!


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