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Dressed to Love: Chambray & Lacy Pants

Hello my beauties! As the weather has been taking a turn for the colder (finally) I have had to seek out prettier indoor places to shoot than my messy apartment. This gave me the perfect opportunity to venture out and step inside Loyal Coffee, the new favorite hangout in downtown Colorado Springs. I was certainly not disappointed.

I dug deep into the recesses of my wardrobe to find something unique (and warmish) to wear to match the look of Loyal. what I decided on was an oversized chambray with an anchors-and- ships’-wheels print, my favorite black booties, and an old (and I mean ancient) pair of lacy black pants.

(A close up shot of the pants [and my favorite hand to hold])
I actually got the pants from my aunt several years ago (like… junior high) because she used to work at a second hand store and would send my sister and I whatever they couldn’t sell. As an insecure 12-or- something-year- old who cared way too much about the way people perceived her, I didn’t care to wear them at first because I thought they were too “different”. This coming from the girl who now owns a pair of leggings with the text of Hamlet on them and a pair of sweats with a Star Wars comic pattern (those will be featured on Dressed to Love at some point. Pinky swear).

Now, I’m just sad I missed out on so many years of wearing something so awesome. I eventually did pull them out and give them a whirl in high school and I’m really glad I did. That was when I started realizing that my style is totally my own. The thing was, after I got compliments on them the first time I wore them, I was never hesitant to wear them again. Kind words, while they may often seem trifle, have so much more power than we who speak them can ever understand.

Give no heed to the naysayers, beloved ones. And don’t you dare become that for yourself. Anyone who may think that “you can’t pull that off” or whatever other excrement of a male bovine they dare to speak over you holds no weight if you don’t allow it to. I don’t even have to see you in your sweats or your skinny jeans or your ball gown or your full body armor to know that YOU, right now, you look absolutely ravishing.

Let’s speak more life over each other, loves. We’ll all be a lot happier in the long run when we do.


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