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Do You REALLY Believe It's Okay to Be You?

We all have our quirks. Thing that make us who we are. Some of the things we share with people, others we keep bottled up because we think, oh my gosh if people knew this they'd think that I was crazy. 

You know the things. We all have them so don't deny it. It's not gonna work. You can hide them from the world but you can't hide them from yourself.

This week, while I was reading some other blogs about people who were posting under the title of "Youer than You", I realized that a lot of people are hiding themselves because they're afraid that people will judge them for being who they are.

Are we really that afraid of losing people that we keep silly little things to ourselves so that people don't walk out of our lives for stupid things?

I hate that we, as a culture, have become so used to people judging us for stupid things that we just don't tell people about ourselves anymore.

So, I'm going to share some true confessions about myself. And it's my goal that you'll comment and tell me something about you that no one else may know because you're too worried to tell them.

Don't worry, beauties, you're special because of these traits. They make you...well, you.

  1. I sometimes eat ice cream, strawberry shortcake, or peach cobbler for dinner because you just need to. Don't kill me, healthy people.
  2. I really love the Harry Potter Series. When I was growing up, I wasn't allowed to read the books because my parents thought they were "witchcrafty". My parents mellowed, allowing my sister to read them, and now I'm currently working my way through the series. Who knew?
  3. I read the posts that other people do for our site and sometimes feel like mine don't add up. (Whoa. Big confession there. It's getting deep up in here.) 
  4. I'm very outgoing (and most people know this) but in a room full of a lot of people, I feel very uncomfortable. 
  5. I am the least fashionable person in the world. I like comfy things (especially Lularoe!) and change from work clothes into sweatpants the minute I walk through the door of my house. If I'm home all day, I probably don't even get out of my PJ's. 
  6. There are days I wish I was married. (Or at least had a boyfriend...)
  7. I'm 23 and I've never been on a date. (I know, I shared this in another post a few weeks ago.)
  8. I have pretty bad road rage.
  9. I often hate how I look in pictures. 
  10. I would rather read than watch TV.
Do not try to imitate the world. Don't do things just because other people are. Don't stop doing things because others think you should. 

Be you.

The you that drinks coffee with so much creamer that it no longer tastes like coffee. The you that sets her alarm for 30 minutes before she has to be anywhere and barely has time to get ready in the morning. The you who has to clean out her car any time anyone wants to ride with her because there's so much crap in it. The you who can't stop buying Lularoe. The you who loves McDonald's food (shh). The you who is a receptionist and when she leaves work never wants to answer her cell phone. (Just text me). The you who is sometimes annoyed with how popular her name is. The you who does all her math on her phone calculator because thinking about math makes her want to cry.  Oh wait. That's me.

Now. Who are YOU?

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