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A voice in my head is screaming

My fingers itch with the wanting, ohhh the wanting
I want to create
I want to create something beautiful but I
Know what it is?

I’m not used to art; my fingers are stiff and clumsy the pencil
Snnnaaags on my mistakes the paper is

Writing is something I can do but the words never quite
Measure up.
I create something beautiful but it’s not enough
Enough enough enough?
What makes words beautiful, anyway?

Photography is something too far away to master
No camera no concept of lighting no subject matter no
Eventually though, I’ll take decent selfies and blurry photos of adventures and it’ll be
Almost enough, I hope.

Music is
But different? I will keep my songs, though,
My fingers would get lonely without them.

So, I ask you.

What can I create?

(I've been thinking a lot about creativity lately. What it means, why it's important, whether or not I'm any good at it. I don't have answers yet. I'm still figuring it out. But I think part of the creative
process is figuring out what the process is. It's kinda twisted, and confusing, and it's not easy to grasp, but what good thing ever was? And for now, I'm going to just keep creating, even when it doesn't seem quite right. I have to start somewhere. And so do you. So start somewhere with me. Make mistakes. Live brightly. Create.)


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