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Wear Your Armor

Life is scary, okay? There’s so many bad things going on in the world right now, from wars and mental/physical illness to cruel strangers and broken relationships. Sometimes it’s too hard, too scary. It’s easier to just curl up and hide from everything, become comfortable in the fear. Sometimes, it feels easier to live in the fear than face it, fight it, overcome it.

We can’t move forward if we live in fear. But at the same time, facing our fears seems impossible. We just aren’t strong enough.
That’s why we need our armor.

Once upon a time, when physical danger was something that people faced on a regular basis, they wore armor to protect their bodies. Whether it was metal, chainmail, leather, or today’s Kevlar, people wore what they had to to keep themselves safe.

So why don’t we?

Obviously, we’re not faced with soldiers or wild animals, so we don’t need physical armor. (Although there’s nothing wrong with keeping a weapon in your purse or learning self-defense. Stay safe, my friends.)

The kind of armor I want to talk about is the kind that will keep you breathing when the world is crashing down. The kind that gives you the courage to talk to that someone. The kind that gets you out of bed in the morning, no matter how much you complain.

Like physical armor, this armor can take many, many, many different forms. Maybe it’s a t-shirt from your favorite concert. Or it could be well-worn jeans that make you feel at home. It might be those heels that make you power walk when you’d kinda rather be crying. Perhaps it’s the jacket you “accidentally” borrowed from your boyfriend.

It might be one thing today and something completely different tomorrow.

Either way.

Wear your armor.

It might be something smaller than an item of clothing. Perhaps it’s the earrings your grandma gave you before she passed away. Or it’s the pins that litter your favorite jean jacket. It could be a tattoo, or winged eyeliner, no matter how uneven and smudged.

Whatever it is.

Wear your armor.

There’s also a chance that your armor is something that no one can see. Maybe it’s your favorite quote repeated over and over and over in your head while you face something you’d rather run screaming from. Perhaps it’s the most motivational song you know stuck on an inspiring loop. Or maybe it’s simply the knowledge that you got out of bed this morning, and if you can do that, you can handle whatever the day has to offer.

Wear your armor.

It’s not going to stop the bad things from happening. It’s not going to take the fear away. It’s not going to make you invincible. Men still bled and broke and feared and died while wearing armor.

But it’ll make a hard day a little easier. It’ll give you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone. It’ll keep you alive.

Because isn’t that the point of armor—to keep us alive to fight another day? I won’t lie; the days will be long and hard. But they’ll shine a little brighter, because even though literally everything about today sucked, at least your bright blue hair looked awesome.

Find your armor. Wear it. Survive. Overcome. Outlive that fear. Listen to this Sia song that fits this post perfectly.

On the day I wrote this post, my armor was my combat boots. They make me walk taller, stronger, and more confident, without even trying.

What’s your armor today, friends?

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