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On Self-Love (And Getting my Nose Pierced)

It's no secret that we struggle to love our bodies. We see every imperfection. Every flaw. There are parts of ourselves we just don't like.

For me, that part of my body is my nose.

I have a different nose than anyone in my immediate family. It's kind of weird. Rounded. It looks different from all angles. It's just... got a weird shape. This is a family nose that's been passed down through my mom's side, which is actually kind of sweet. But to me, my nose has always been one of my least favorite parts of me. Because of this, I always said I wouldn't pierce my nose. I thought it wouldn't look good on me. Why draw attention to a part of your body if you don't like it?

Or so I told myself.

My desire for a nose piercing got stronger over the years, even though I had said I'd never get one. I loved how pretty they looked on other people. So why not on me?

Because... I didn't like my nose?

Suddenly that wasn't a good enough reason.

If I wanted to get a nose piercing, why shouldn't I get a nose piercing? I decided that maybe I'd get a nose piercing. Someday.

So I bought a fake nose hoop on Etsy, and I kept thinking about it. I kept telling myself, "This month we can do it." But I never did. I kept coming up with excuses. Most of them had to do with what people would think of me.

Then, at the beginning of 2016, I decided I needed to be brave. I needed to just do it. I had waited long enough. It wasn't a snap decision. This was what I really wanted.

So, my friend Charity and I went down to a piercing studio, and I got my nose pierced.

(Because I know you all desperately wanted to see...)

Here's the thing: I denied myself something I really wanted for years because I was afraid I wouldn't like it. Afraid others wouldn't like it. Afraid it would highlight my nose.

But you know what?

I'm choosing to not care what people think. (It's still hard, I know.)

I'm choosing to love my nose.

My nose has been passed down through my mom's side of the family. It's tied to my mom and my grandma, two of the best women I've ever known.

My nose is what makes me me. Without it, I honestly wouldn't be the same.

So that's why I had to laugh when the piercer said my nose had a "unique architecture." That's why I'm committed to loving every part of me. Every part. It's not easy, and it's an ongoing journey. But life is too short to hate yourself. Embrace who you are. You might end up with a new piercing in the process. (Just kidding.)

I love you guys. Love yourselves too. You owe it to you.

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