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Letter from the Editor: Thankfulness Challenge

As I look back on the year of 2016 I realize how fast the last ten months have flown. At work, where I spend a good portion of my time scheduling patients for appointments, I often say, "oh my gosh, I can't believe that we're scheduling into March, April, May...etc, etc." I say this every single month because every time it turns over into a new month, I'm surprised at how fast the last 30 days had flown.

In November - the month of Thanksgiving - I'm challenging myself to write down 3 things I'm thankful for each day. I'll write these in a journal that I'll keep on my desk.

This is something I think we can all stand to do. We often spend time dwelling on the bad things in our lives instead of talking about the good things - the things that keep us going through the day to day life that we often take for granted.

Like: electricity, heat in our houses, water, family that loves us, a place to wash our clothes, clothes.

So. For the month of November, I encourage you to take the time every day to write down something - at least one thing - that you're thankful for. You can even post it on Instagram or Twitter under #YTYThankfulnessChallenge. I will be joining in on my own Instagram page, so be sure to follow along and post something you're thankful for this month.

It's so important to dwell on the good. The little things that make you smile. The big things that make your life brighter. 

Be thankful. Always. 

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