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Introducing Part-Time Foodie!

I sit, cracking and eating salted pistachios and throwing the husks back into the same bowl. The feeling of eating a healthy snack makes up for my laziness (maybe.)


What an intimidating and idolized and necessary word.

Here is something I have come to realize.

Most of us have a bad relationship with food.

I think it's sad, how distraught we often are over what should be our nourishment.

In my case, it's a bit complicated. I grew up with a pretty copious appetite, and I loved food so much I didn't like to stop. As a child my body could handle it, but as an adult, shaking off the habit of eating as much as my mind wants (vs what my stomach can hold) is a hard one to shake. Also, my mom was a good cook, but my parents weren't rich, so the focus on food was that it was present, and less that it was balanced, with plenty of natural food (read: more expensive, perishable).

As an adult and a woman, comparison strikes at me around every corner. I wonder if my innocent childhood self can be blamed for my hips; I criticize my lack of knowledge in preparing vegetables. I wonder if it's my love of pasta, or if I just need to stop being lazy and start running several miles a day. And my view of food has gotten skewed. I still love to eat yummy things, but I fear them too. And while I try to take smaller portions, willpower runs out faster than the chocolate stash.

I've come to acquire a knowledge of rules, but I don't find rules on their own too be the least bit helpful.
  • Eat less processed, boxed food
  • Eat more veggies and fruits, but mostly veggies
  • Get lots of quality protein
  • Healthy fats are okay
  • Carbs are generally bad
  • Sugar in any form is especially bad.
Great, yes, but I like sweet things and I don't know how to cook vegetables, and jeepers, how many kinds of fat and carbs are there?!

And that's my premise for this series. Food, knowledge, and attainability. I'm still learning so this won't be a scientific breakdown of food-related brain health, metabolic process, the molecular evils of ever, ever eating a piece of cake (ever). I like to think I'm learning layman's health. I can learn, I can practice. I can make mistakes. And I can keep moving forward.

So, minus the backstory, I intend for my posts to be pretty straightforward:

  • A simple fact about nutrition, with its various implications
  • A few easy ways to begin making changes
  • A recipe. (Because nobody wants to attempt eating more veggies by force feeding themselves tons of raw greens…)
  • A resource (book, blog or otherwise.)
I'm hoping that my posts are useful and complete enough to give us a healthy start in liking real food. I, for one, would like to understand better how my body works and what I need to eat, but also how to make that food taste good. Besides that, I’m recently married and my husband and I intend to have children, eventually. As a wife and future mom, I want to be well equipped to nurture my family with good food.

Here’s to food!

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