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How to Get a Boat Named After You

My husband and I recently took an adventurous trip from our home in Juneau, Alaska up to Wasilla. Because it’s impossible to drive in and out of Juneau, we took hubby’s beloved Dodge onto a ferry, rode the ferry for 4 hours through the Inside Passage to Haines, Alaska, then spent two days driving – up over the mountain passes, through gorgeous scenery and cold snowy wilderness, crossing the Canadian border and then back into the U.S., and finally emerging from the remote mountains into the busy civilization of city life.

The ferries here in Southeast Alaska are each named after a glacier – the Taku, the Columbia, the Aurora. There are so many glaciers in this state, and I’ve only seen two or three of them… so far.

The boat we traveled on last week was called The Matanuska. With its humble cabins, observation decks, and bright orange lifeboats, it bears the name of yet another place in Alaska I haven’t seen and have no mental picture to connect to.

Two days later, winding through mountainous roads in the Dodge, we found ourselves driving along a beautiful valley, overlooking a long narrow glacier. Surprised and amazed at the sight, we wondered aloud what we were seeing. One small road sign informed us, this was Matanuska Glacier.

It was breathtaking. Nestled between the mountains, the deeply creviced blue-white ice of the glacier reflected the sun above, almost bright enough to make us squint. I thought, It’s no wonder such an incredibly beautiful place got a ship named for it!

If you stroll through a marina and look at the names of the boats – a favorite “date” of ours – you’ll notice many of the vessels are christened with girl’s names. Probably they’re all named for someone special in the boat owner’s life, maybe his wife, girlfriend, sister, or daughter.

I started thinking, I bet the people who name their boats after a special lady feel almost the same way as whoever named that ferry after Matanuska Glacier. I bet he looked at her and thought, How amazing. Breathtaking. Incredibly beautiful.

And chances are, by the world’s standard, she’s like any other woman. There are others just as beautiful or more… like there are plenty of other glaciers in Alaska just as beautiful as Matanuska. But in someone’s eyes, she was something extra special, something breathtaking, something worth naming his boat after – just the way she is.

So be you, beautiful girl; be your unique self. Someone finds you just wonderful.

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